Hip Hop Honeys

Hip Hop Honeys have been around rap music since rap music began. They didn’t get as much exposure back in the day as video vixens like buffy the body does now. Women have made a serious mark in videos and every other female wants to be in one or get on reality shows like Deelishis to turn that into money from clothing lines and custom jeans.


These women have big booty bodies and their shapes in a thong is ridiculous to say the least. Most do nothing other than model in magazines and calenders though. I’m sure you have heard of the Absoulutely Amber, Ki Toy and even Darlene models but they are rare. Some do other things like Superhead Karrine Stephens and Tila Tequila with her Reality Show Shot at Love but it’s not likely. Most of the chicks will end up being a rappers statistic from sexual encounters.


Meagan Good and old heads like Lisa Raye brought some new game to the industry by getting in movies. I know you remember Lisa as Diamond in Players Club with Ice Cube.You can even catch an occasional white female video vixen getting props like Elke the Stallion. However they are far few and in between. Spanish and Puerto Rican models get more attention like Kim Kardashian. I know, I know she is more like a celebrity whore but I had to mention her.

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