Can Hip Hop Music Get Old? Nope! It Can Only Become Classic Hip Hop

 Biggie Smalls  Let’s Talk Classic Hip Hop!


Do you remember the first time you heard Notorius B.I.G? Can you remember when Big Daddy Kane dropped his Album “Long Live The Kane” in 1988? Yo’ the record labels name was Cold Chillin’ Records…LoL. Rap music has come a long way since the days of Run DMC and Kool Mo Dee. I love these Ghetto Poets so much that I have dedicated this webpage to all of them.Even the hardcore lieutenants like N.W.A. and Too Short and the mild “Digabal Planets” and “De La Soul”.

N.W.A. Albums


I had so much fun coming up with the list that I nearly spent 6(six) hours just listening to the history of Rap. You really don’t know how far Rap has come until you have the older MC’s albums. The lyrical flow is so different from todays Rap.

Rappers back then were not on the Bling Bling tip. Tupac Shakur and The Digital Underground were having fun with Hip Hop back in the days. I thought about some of the songs I listened to and I actually realized that it was also cool to dance….lol. You gotta love Classic Hip Hop.


I know you remember Kwame’, Special Ed and the Illest White Rappers before Eminem.

Now if you are like me and love Hip Hop Classics with the passion you will love what I have done for you next! So that you do not have to wreck your brain or waste your time thinking of all the Ole’ School Rappers I made it easy for you. Here is a list of names that will grow continuously. You are now in Classic Hip Hop Heaven. divorce lawyer rochester




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