Afrika Bambaataa Equals Hip Hop Music Origin

On January 10,1960 in the Bronx of New York City a child by the name of Kevin Donovan was born. This date is important to any Rapper, DJ, Breakdancer, Graffiti Artist B-Boy or B-Girl PERIOD.


It’s hard to stack the huge success and beginning of Hip Hop on any one person but Afrika Bambaataa is definitely a solid rock in the foundation. Not very many people would argue with me about that statement.


As a teenager Bambaataa ran with a gang called the Black Spades. He served as a member representing the Bronx River Projects where he laid his head many nights. In 1973 (The Year I Was Born) Afrika Bambaataa started his own street crew and called them the “Zulu Nation” also known as “The Universal Zulu Nation”


He came up with the name after watching the movie about a Powerful warrior named Shaka Zulu of the Zulu Warriors. His gang was responsible for many neighborhood beat downs before he was approached by some Muslim leaders who influenced his decision to break positive.


He did very well with leadership from the 70’s through the 80’s. In the 90’s the Zulu Nation fell under the control of world council who now controls the Universal Zulu Nation. Zulu Nation members have come a long way, they have some every high personnel that include judges, lawyers and even Artist such as the Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, George Clinton, and “mama Zulu” Queen Latifah just to name a few.


The Hip Hop Music Origin Begins with neighborhood block parties and the Zulu Nation. Back in the day, Hip Hop was called B-Bop of “The Go Off”. The words Hip Hop were created by legendary DJ Luv Bug Starsky. Amongst many other talents that Bambaataa carried…one of them was the role of a neighborhood DJ with MADD equipment.


His ill collection of vinyl included 25 crates. So if you want to know who the real Super Friends are it’s not the DC Comic Book Crew from 1978. It’s Afrika Bambaataa, Mr. Biggs, Pow Wow, G.L.O.B.E., Dj Jazzy Jay and EZ LG….You might know them collectively as the Soul Sonic Force.


This is the group that single-handedly pioneered Electro-Funk, Drum & Bass, Techno and gully break beats the ran from Rock to R&B; to African to Latin, Calypso and classical. Enjoy this amazing video


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