The Rise of Digital Music and the Fall of the Music Store

There was a time when music shops ruled the airwaves. You might not go one mile in a city and not stumble upon one, and the parking area was always complete. Then came online digital music. Now you cannot find barely a single music store that exists exclusively on the back of CDs and music sales. They need to offer other things to even endure. Why is this? Is digital music and online music truly that far better? Here are numerous reasons that online digital music has actually surpassed the music shops of the world.


One simple factor that online music transcends to music shops is expense. You can download a good deal of music online at little expense, which is difficult to compete against. Even with iTunes and other MP3 downloads; you are still paying a pittance in contrast to CD costs. Downloading music is more affordable than purchasing a whole CD.


Choice is another factor online digital music transcends. You can actually choose amongst the tunes you like, and just purchase what you like. It used to be you needed to purchase the whole CD, and typically just liked a couple of tunes. With MP3 downloads, you can make your very own combined CD of sorts digitally, and have just the very best of your music in a breeze. Choice is incredible with digital music.


Mobility is another big thing with digital music. Keep in mind when you got your very first Walkman? How can that perhaps compare to MP3 players and iPods? It cannot. For instance, you would need to bring not just the large CD player, but you would also need to bring 300 CDs around with you also to match what your iPod can bring for the most parts. Who would opt to do that?


Lastly, sound is another factor. CDs always avoided it appeared, no matter how you were listening. You would make one incorrect move in the car or in your bed room, and your CDs were avoiding and getting scratched. With MP3 players and iPods, you need not worry about such things. Your music will be clear no matter the number of Kevin Bacon “Footloose” dance actions you may make while listening. You need never stress over a scratched CD, as the music is digitally taped. That very same digital recording will also guarantee that the music is recreated in a best way. There is no much better sound in the world than digital music.

Online digital music is so greatly remarkable to CDs that it is most likely the CD will go the way of the 8-track. There is just no great need to have CD around other than to keep copies of your music as backups. Even that can be done more financially by putting them on your computer system. Digital music is the wave of the future, and everyone that pays attention to music will gain from it gradually. What is so interesting about online digital music is that we have actually just scratched the surface area of what is possible. I keep in mind when CDs were the most recent trend and take a look at them now. What will be on the marketplace in 2020? I cannot wait to discover.…

The Process of Marketing Music and Making It

The music market is enjoying the robust ticket sales. People would spend a hundred or even more for a single ticket. What the market is losing in record sales, it gains in retailing and show presence.

State of Music

“It’s bad, but much better than a stick in the eye,” stated one music expert -” or at least much better than yet another unlawfully downloaded track.” But is this existing design of producing funds by means of beast rock trips one that the market can genuinely take a look at as its rescuer? It’s sceptical. One take a look at the acts that are generating the big crowds and vigorous hundred-dollar-and-over-per-seat seat ticket sales to a going to pieces market, and it becomes painfully apparent that this is not a sustainable design unless the players shift drastically and quickly.

The Attractions

The huge attractions in music are not the brand-new or breaking acts. GaGa is a reasonably brand-new phenomena and player, but she is far from the standard. The huge attracts the rock world have actually been there for years and a brand-new crop with the very same drawing power does not appear to be in the offing. The super stars that are offering out arenas are getting to be a bit long in the tooth. It’s not Spoon that is offering out arenas at over a hundred dollars per ticket, it’s the old guard; it’s Springsteen, the Stones, McCartney, Madonna and James Taylor. Paradoxically, U2 and the Chili Peppers are considered relative beginners in this crop and Cold Play and Radio Head signal the brand-new faces, although they’ve been around for many years.

The Music Business

Earnings from live performances, sponsorships, together with income from publishing and online streaming are using some counterbalance to the loss in record sales. Free music streaming services are starting to generate some income. Music is also being accredited to business such as Nokia which packages it into its general rate. Still, without the advantage of radio assistance and the star making equipment of the past, it’s going to be hard to introduce this generation’s Aerosmith or Guns and Roses. The mold is broken and it’s sceptical that it can be reproduced, at least not till a brand-new design is developed

There will always be the Taylor Swifts, Kings of Leon and Justin Biebers who advances, but increasingly more those kind of mass market artists are going to be the exception. They will be corporately developed entities, or winners (and at some point losers) of TELEVISION skill shows. Apart from those opportunities there are couple of manner in which acts can be exposed to countless fans.

Niche Specific Approach

So, what does a brand-new band or musical artist has to do? How does this brand-new crop reach the masses? Perhaps they do not. Maybe the focus of brand-new artists needs to move from mass to specific niche. At least for today, this is not the time to aim for the mass market.


This might not be a time when an A&R representative discovers a band and develops a super star, but more than ever now, bands and artists can reach their fans and develop a market by themselves. The following are some marketing and business methods to think about.


1) Create a website that shows who you are and showcases your music

2) Start a blog site about your music and your journey. Make it interactive. Let others interact with and link to you

3) Begin a collective social media outreach that consists of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, youTube, and so on

4) Focus on targeted local gigs and promote them

5) As you grow, concentrate on targeted local touring

6) An imaginative PR outreach to the local, local and nationwide media.

7) Submit your music to be used TELEVISION shows

8) Submit your music and your band for item and commercial tie-ins or assistance

9) Start a little retailing outreach consisting of downloads, CDs, T-shirts, and so forth.


There are brand-new innovative methods for artists to grow and flourish. Think specific niche markets. Find an audience that comprehends and enjoys your music. Develop a following and a people. You need to be innovative, consistent and think like a marketing maven along with like an artist. But with the right tools, method and game plan, you can prosper.…

How to Promote and Market Yourself in the Online Music Industry

There are many sources and locations to promote your online music market. Offering online music can be easy as you think. The issue that begins the way is that people online promote the incorrect things to the incorrect people at the incorrect time. It is a traumatic sensation due to the factor that it might make you think that the effort you did was worthless. You may need to handle all these issues but now you need not to worry anymore.

I will provide you the safe and fast means of marketing and promos for your music online market.

Web and Websites


Facebook, MySpace, music directory sites and many sites are the very best source and opportunities to market and promote your online music. The most stunning component that you can delight in is that you can confine some media players or music players, albums, charts and ringtones., and are leading ranked websites. You can use any of them at a time to market your item at different websites and sources. For your healthy promo, use different websites and not a single website at a time. It will be trustworthy and efficient to you.



Now a day, YouTube is a terrific source to market and promote your online music market. Produce a video or a tune and put your image on the video screen to the website. It is a much better source also to track or determine the variety of visitors that see your work. It might also be an analysis of the views they are originating from and what appropriates for you to promote and market your item.

Hyperlinks and Sources


You need to market in multitudes, either you will to promote and market your music or you remain in the procedure of learning the tools. If you are marketing your album to the general public, then it might need a variety of people to promote your album to every walk of life so that you are an effective character. Likewise you need the very same here for online music to do. Belong to numerous websites and connect to produce substantial market.…

Hip Hop Honeys

Hip Hop Honeys have been around rap music since rap music began. They didn’t get as much exposure back in the day as video vixens like buffy the body does now. Women have made a serious mark in videos and every other female wants to be in one or get on reality shows like Deelishis to turn that into money from clothing lines and custom jeans.


These women have big booty bodies and their shapes in a thong is ridiculous to say the least. Most do nothing other than model in magazines and calenders though. I’m sure you have heard of the Absoulutely Amber, Ki Toy and even Darlene models but they are rare. Some do other things like Superhead Karrine Stephens and Tila Tequila with her Reality Show Shot at Love but it’s not likely. Most of the chicks will end up being a rappers statistic from sexual encounters.


Meagan Good and old heads like Lisa Raye brought some new game to the industry by getting in movies. I know you remember Lisa as Diamond in Players Club with Ice Cube.You can even catch an occasional white female video vixen getting props like Elke the Stallion. However they are far few and in between. Spanish and Puerto Rican models get more attention like Kim Kardashian. I know, I know she is more like a celebrity whore but I had to mention her.…

Can Hip Hop Music Get Old? Nope! It Can Only Become Classic Hip Hop

 Biggie Smalls  Let’s Talk Classic Hip Hop!


Do you remember the first time you heard Notorius B.I.G? Can you remember when Big Daddy Kane dropped his Album “Long Live The Kane” in 1988? Yo’ the record labels name was Cold Chillin’ Records…LoL. Rap music has come a long way since the days of Run DMC and Kool Mo Dee. I love these Ghetto Poets so much that I have dedicated this webpage to all of them.Even the hardcore lieutenants like N.W.A. and Too Short and the mild “Digabal Planets” and “De La Soul”.

N.W.A. Albums


I had so much fun coming up with the list that I nearly spent 6(six) hours just listening to the history of Rap. You really don’t know how far Rap has come until you have the older MC’s albums. The lyrical flow is so different from todays Rap.

Rappers back then were not on the Bling Bling tip. Tupac Shakur and The Digital Underground were having fun with Hip Hop back in the days. I thought about some of the songs I listened to and I actually realized that it was also cool to dance….lol. You gotta love Classic Hip Hop.


I know you remember Kwame’, Special Ed and the Illest White Rappers before Eminem.

Now if you are like me and love Hip Hop Classics with the passion you will love what I have done for you next! So that you do not have to wreck your brain or waste your time thinking of all the Ole’ School Rappers I made it easy for you. Here is a list of names that will grow continuously. You are now in Classic Hip Hop Heaven. divorce lawyer rochester




Afrika Bambaataa Equals Hip Hop Music Origin

On January 10,1960 in the Bronx of New York City a child by the name of Kevin Donovan was born. This date is important to any Rapper, DJ, Breakdancer, Graffiti Artist B-Boy or B-Girl PERIOD.


It’s hard to stack the huge success and beginning of Hip Hop on any one person but Afrika Bambaataa is definitely a solid rock in the foundation. Not very many people would argue with me about that statement.


As a teenager Bambaataa ran with a gang called the Black Spades. He served as a member representing the Bronx River Projects where he laid his head many nights. In 1973 (The Year I Was Born) Afrika Bambaataa started his own street crew and called them the “Zulu Nation” also known as “The Universal Zulu Nation”


He came up with the name after watching the movie about a Powerful warrior named Shaka Zulu of the Zulu Warriors. His gang was responsible for many neighborhood beat downs before he was approached by some Muslim leaders who influenced his decision to break positive.


He did very well with leadership from the 70’s through the 80’s. In the 90’s the Zulu Nation fell under the control of world council who now controls the Universal Zulu Nation. Zulu Nation members have come a long way, they have some every high personnel that include judges, lawyers and even Artist such as the Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, George Clinton, and “mama Zulu” Queen Latifah just to name a few.


The Hip Hop Music Origin Begins with neighborhood block parties and the Zulu Nation. Back in the day, Hip Hop was called B-Bop of “The Go Off”. The words Hip Hop were created by legendary DJ Luv Bug Starsky. Amongst many other talents that Bambaataa carried…one of them was the role of a neighborhood DJ with MADD equipment.


His ill collection of vinyl included 25 crates. So if you want to know who the real Super Friends are it’s not the DC Comic Book Crew from 1978. It’s Afrika Bambaataa, Mr. Biggs, Pow Wow, G.L.O.B.E., Dj Jazzy Jay and EZ LG….You might know them collectively as the Soul Sonic Force.


This is the group that single-handedly pioneered Electro-Funk, Drum & Bass, Techno and gully break beats the ran from Rock to R&B; to African to Latin, Calypso and classical. Enjoy this amazing video